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What's included!?

  • 5 Themed Guided Meditations Including:
  • Morning Magic ; Start your day off on the right foot and with the right mindset because this is where the magic starts (5 min)
  • Calm + Clear ; Take a break during your day and enjoy this meditation to ease stress, manage anxiety and have you feeling clear and calm throughout your day (6 min)
  • Self Love Lover ; Increase self love, confidence and self worth, because you're awesome! (9 min)
  • Abundance Attractor ; Raise your vibration and unlock your inner creator so that you can attract more health, wealth and happiness into your life. (10 min)
  • Sleep Soundly ; Fall asleep quicker and sleep more soundly with this nighttime meditation, and wake up feeling rested. (10 min)

About The Creator

Anna Gala Self Empowerment Coach

Anna, a Self Empowerment Coach, is a Certified Meditation Facilitator, Energy Healer, and Psycho-Spiritual Life Coach, with Self-Development and Mindfulness practices being an integral part of her life. Through her own battle with anxiety and years of inner struggle, Anna embarked on a healing journey which has led her to the path of empowering others to discover their innate ability for inner-healing and self actualization. Anna's mission is to help as many people as possible find fulfillment, joy and inner peace... because life is meant to rock!