My Inner Peace Program

With Self Empowerment + Mindest Coach Anna Gala...

Imagine being able to ...

  • Manage your anxiety 
  • Gain clarity and a broader perspestive on yourself and your anxiety
  • Feel better and have more inner peace
  • Find relief and ease stress
  • Use meditation as an effective tool to manage anxiety 
  • Learn how you can turn your anxiety from your enemy to your ally
  • Increase your confidence with less fear based mind chatter
  • Have more faith in yourself and your journey
  • Take back control of your life
  • and so much more magic...



What's Included?

In This 14 Day Online Program You Will Learn:  

  • Tools & Techniques to calm the mind chatter and reconnect to your inner stillness  
  • How to connect to the present moment (where anxiety does NOT have power)  
  • How to THANK your anxiety and transform it from enemy to ally (crazy I know!)

  • 5 video lessons including:  
  • Meet your anxiety ($47)
  • How to harness the power of your Breath ($47)
  • How to ease the Mind Chatter ($47)
  • How to turn your anxiety from enemy to ally ($47)
  • Reprogramming the Subconcious Mind ($47)  
  • Video Tutorials: Learn two simple techniques to calm anxiety in 2 minutes or less ($27)
  • 2 x 5 Minute Guided Meditations you can do anywhere, anytime ($77)
  • Heart-Work Activity Sheet: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy | Challenge + Conquer ($47)
  • I am not my Thoughts | Mind Chatter Activity Worksheet ($47)
  • Your New Story | Shifting into a higher energy about yourself and your life($47)


  •  A free downloadable Intention Card for your cell phone wallpaper so you can have instant calm nice and handy with some powerful affirmations ($27)
  • Rock Your Anxiety 14 Day Checklist ($47)  


  • Additional readings and resources
  • Simple Phone Hacks to reduce daily anxiety
  • Accountability emails from me to keep you on track! 




Success Stories...

Erin J.  

"Deciding to do a course with Anna proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Anna opened my mind to the power of ego and fear, and helped me to recognize and truly believe that I am in control. All you need is the right tools, and Anna was there to help me find them. My sessions with Anna were inspiring and challenging, leaving me with the ability to live my life in the present. I am forever grateful for my new outlook on life for it has led to better performance at work, and healthier relationships with my friends, family, and myself. Thank you, Anna!" 

Leslie B.  

“Anna is a superstar coach. Her style and techniques have supported me to overcome some long ingrained behaviours. By using a steady approach of heart work, consistent meditation and feedback loops, she has helped me transcend some challenging life and work situations. I am more aware, intuitive and purposeful in how I approach each and every interaction in both my relationships and my work flow activities. Her guidance and love has been extraordinary. If you’re looking to take your life to the next level consider working with Anna, you won’t recognize yourself, or life, after only a couple of sessions.” 

Amanda C. 

“I started seeing Anna because I was feeling stuck and disconnected from myself. I was looking for someone with a unique approach, who would not only listen, but also provide useful tools for everyday life. Since starting our sessions I am more confident and connected to who I am than even before and this has led to a deeper relationship with my spouse and a new direction with my business. I have grown immeasurably in all areas of my life and I continue to grow each week with my continued self work. Anna rocks!”

Anxiety does not have to rule your life.

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